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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Zumba Fitness With Andrea Kirsch
[In Columbia] - Let’s dance! Join us for fun-filled one-hour sessions of Latin inspired dance that’s easy to follow and turns calorie burning into a fitness party. You don't even need to know how to dance. Just mov ... read more »
That '70s Show: Cool Art from the Collection
[In Columbia] - This exhibition gives us a chance to explore rarely seen works from a decade-sized slice of the CMA’s collection of contemporary art. That '70s Show draws on the amusing nostalgia for the “decade t ... read more »
Savage Ancient Seas
[In Columbia] - Discover Savage Ancient Seas, and be transported back 80 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Explore a world of huge carnivorous marine reptiles, gigantic flesh-eating fish, flying r ... read more »
Light Beings
[In Columbia] - Sana Arjumand is a contemporary visual artist from Pakistan who has extensively shown across the globe and in her home country. Born in Karachi in 1982, she currently works and resides in Islamabad, ... read more »
ReTooled: Highlights from the Hechinger Collection
[In Columbia] - Wrenches, hammers, and lawnmowers take on a life of their own in this exhibition. ReTooled showcases over 40 works by 28 contemporary artists, including photographers Berenice Abbott and Walker Evan ... read more »


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